Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet report: incremental improvement

Slight improvement is better than going the other way.

At MTSU's Valentine Invitational, it took more than 2 hrs for them to post results of the Men's 400m. I had no idea how I did. It felt really slow. I didn't rig up but I felt slow. To my surprise, it was slightly faster than last meet: 57.40. Presently third ranked in USA M50.

I thought about scratching from the 200m race and I'm glad I didn't. It actually felt quite good, and I finally got a decent time, 25.83. UPDATE: It is ranked presently fourth in USA M50. I think I could've run faster if I didn't run it after a 400m. Surprisingly, I actually beat a few guys in the 200m.

The best thing is that there is NO sign of the previous groin injury and really, no strains whatsoever.

More later...

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  1. TWO WINS!! No injuries and time improvement. Keep the course....