Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Villages, FL High School Track workout - REJECTED

It was a perfect winter day in Central FL, mid 50'sº at 10 am.

While visiting my parents in FL, I decided to go to the local high school to get a workout.

The Villages High School was just 5 miles away and their track was beautiful, open, and not being used... not a soul in sight.

I did my usual 800m warmup and drills and was just about to don the spikes and run a 600m when a white pickup pulled up. It had a landscapers logo on it so I didn't pay much attention to it. Then a short fat guy got out and politely explained to me the track was closed to the public. I thought about saying to him, "wait one minute" while I took off and ran a 400m, there would have been nothing he could do.... I was warmed up and ready. But, I dutifully complied and left - rejected from the facility.

So, I did a brisk run and some floor exercises:

800m warm up, stretching, drills

20 min street run with hills

resistance, plyos - single leg jumps

Have gained some weight during the holiday. 142.8 after workout. Hard to imagine racing in one week. We'll see how it feels when I get home.

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