Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating New Year's Eve with hill sprints

I wasn't planning on working out today but after a day at an Orlando theme park, eating cake, french fries, and fried fish... I needed it, bad. My dad bought me a 'meal ticket' and the options were a bit limited and I was hungry.

So today, without a track, I ran the largest hill in the immediate neighborhood. About a 250-300m distance (measured crudely with GPS).

Half mile warmup, stretches

6 x 250m hill sprints on toes (walk down in between)

1/4 mile cool down jog

I was concentrating on good form and power. After the third one, I was feeling the familiar 'full-body pump' and the last few were hard.

Some of the recent progress on my quest to get body fat % down has been lost this week due to unusually rich food and family meals. My weight has fluctuated wildly. For example: Wednesday night - 147.4, Thursday after workout - 142.8. Friday night - 148.4, Saturday morning after workout - 144.2. Still hope to be around or below 140 lbs. by race day in one week... but, it's only the season opener and I was in much worse shape last year at this time; I didn't start competing til Feb, a month later. I've not been strict about my diet and... dinner party tonight, lobster tail on the menu.

Since I'll be traveling on New Years Day, I'll miss the annual Jan. 1 early morning run up the W Road to the top of Signal Mtn with Bill Minehan and friends in Chattanooga. Oh well, I'll have to make up for it on Monday when I get back to the track.

Happy New Year !

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