Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stepping it up

Quality runs today. First runs of the season at 85-90%. I'll also do resistance work today.

It was a sunny cold day at the Dean Hayes track... graduation day and I just got into the parking lot minutes before it was closed around 8:30 am. Temp was 38ยบ at the start of my warmup.

800m warm up, dynamic stretches, sprinter drills

Nike spikes on, sprints at 85-90% effort

3 x 400m - 61.5, 64, 65

200m - 30

Clyde Hart calls these "Speed Endurance" workouts:
"This is running where the runner incurs a high oxygen debt, and there is a definite lactic acid buildup. This workout is vital to good 400 meter running. Distances that are run can vary from 100 to 600 meters. Number of repetitions is figured by multiplying the race distance 2 1/2 times; in this case this would be about 1000 meters. The recovery period will usually be around 10 minutes - this is to give the runner almost full recovery so that there will be quality in the runs. This drill is designed to help the lactic acid energy systems."
Quality over quantity, although I did run 3 ½ times the racing distance today.

It felt good to run fast again, although still not going from blocks and still not 100%. Running a 61.5 400m tells me I can be ready to compete in the meet that is 3 weeks from today at TSU. I have about 4 to 5 lbs to lose to get to race weight and a few weeks more training time, I hope to break 58 sec in my first indoor meet. It will be difficult to keep up the training and diet regimen over the holiday with travel, social eating and drinking etc... But, I need to remember, even though the season is starting soon, I am still early in my training and still need to work hard on my aerobic foundation and quantity running - endurance and tempo endurance workouts.


Weight is 142.6

My back is still killing me from that motorcycle episode on Monday, but getting better everyday. The good thing is that it doesn't hurt to run.

My ab injury is almost completely gone. The only time I feel remnants of it is when I accelerate rapidly at the start. Even though I'm tempted to run the 55m in the first meet, it's a good reason to hold off until Feb. I need to be doing some plyos to prepare for the 55m and later, the 100m.

Next workout will be endurance on Monday.

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