Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stadium stairs - raw weather edition

I knew the weather would be ugly this morning. Upper 30ºs, rain changing to snow, windy.

One look at the radar showed it would go from bad to worse so I went from in-bed to the Floyd stadium in less than 20 min. to meet my old friend - the stairs. It was drizzling when I left... which increased to a light freezing rain by the time I started. Not much time to warm up. Had to jog 3/4 way around the outside of the stadium to find the one open door. That was my warmup.

Stadium stairs runs x 16

It was hard. Back home by 8:20am.

Weight - 145.4
Going to need some significant calorie reduction and sweat to lose this last several lbs of body fat to get back below 10%. The last 5-6 lbs are the toughest.

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