Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Off track work, PF recovery

The endless summer continues in Sewanee.  Unseasonably hot and dry.  35 days, no rain, 95º today and similar temperatures expected for 3 more days.  Warmest September on record here.  Will likely be the warmest year on record.   I had to look at my blog to see when the last time I ran, it was just a week ago.  I probably could have run today in some slight pain, but elected to wait til Friday.  My plantar fasciitis is improved but not completely gone.  So, I'll wait til it improves a bit more.  I can barely feel it when I walk in shoes.   I believe in a proactive solution to this issue.  Rolling, foot massage, stretching, heel raises from maximum dorsiflex, calf strengthening.    Last time I had this, I reinjured it (running a 200m on an indoor flat track on an inside lane) and had to take 5 weeks off.  I've heard people having this for months... so I guess it's not too bad, even when I had it at it's worst.  I think I have a pretty good method for getting over it. 

Have done in the past few days, a stairmaster set, ab routine, a hill climb on the bike, swimming, and tonight... a 3 set workout of single leg squats and glute machine:
3 x 50 - glute machine (310 lbs, 330 lbs, 340 lbs) 
3 x (15, 12, 11) - single leg squats w/ 70 lbs
Swimming - about 600m 
3 x 12 heel raises w/ 210 lbs
Weight is ok, between 144.5 - 147.5   Probably will swim again tomorrow.  The lake is still very warm and I'm thinking this week may be the end of very hot weather.  Temperature is forecast to drop 20º by early next week. 

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