Monday, October 21, 2019

No meet, taking time off from the track

I elected to not race Sunday, although I'm sure I could have gutted out one 400m, but no point in exacerbating my plantar fasciitis.  I did my 3rd bike workout last week - a long sprint bike workout on Thursday (6x60sec w/ 2min pedaling rest) and afterward, I did some drills on the indoor track.  My foot was feeling a little better so I tried to sprint from a 3 pt stance and it definitely hurt my foot.  It was a slight setback as it hurt the next day, so I decided not to race on Sunday.  I will probably take up to 2 or 3 weeks off from running until this plantar issue is gone.

Beautiful sunny morning in Sewanee on Monday, very thankful for this free day.   Windy, about 68º with the wind blowing across my bed this morning.   It felt so great to linger between awake and dreaming for a few hours this morning.  I got my butt out of bed at the crack 10:30am to do a hard 6 mile ride on local roads including some good hills.   I've become aware of how important sleep is so important to healing - both physical  and mental.  I ordered a plantar night splint to help me get over this PF issue.  My friend Shaun has done research on sleep and told me that the real deep 'Delta  wave sleep' is essential for brain health, hormone support, and physical healing.

Today looks like a rainy day, so I'm going to get some kale and vegetables to make a soup, and hang out on my porch today.  Tonight, I'll go to do my usual workout.  Need to do an ab set today.

I'm sort of feeling a little behind regarding workouts, seeing all my colleagues well into their training... but, since I'm probably not going to run indoors, I really don't have to be racing til May and peaking til July.  The rapidity with which fitness 'goes away' at this age, tells me that it is very hard to maintain an elite level peak of fitness for very long one or 2 months maximum, especially at this age.  However, it depends on one's base level of fitness when the training really begins.   Having run a 62 400m last week with no regular track training workouts puts me at a decent level of fitness to start out.  If I were able to run in spikes and had not gotten this plantar issue, I'm fairly confident i could've been running sub 60 by now in race conditions.... but that will have to wait til later this year.  I think with a base level of fitness, 6 months training is certainly enough to reach elite level for me... which at M60, would be breaking 58, and hopefully faster.

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