Tuesday, October 15, 2019

bike sprints / new treatment

Last two nights I've done some sprint intervals on the bike.

Stationary bike intervals:
Monday:16 x 15 sec w/ 45 sec rest 
Tuesday:8 x 30 sec w/ 60 sec rest

My impression of bike sprints is that the quads get fatigued moreso than running and it is less aerobic than sprinting on the track.

I'm not planning any workouts for Wed and Thurs, my main work days.

Today, I was tipped about a treatment for plantar fasciitis by a friend and it has shown some results.  Yesterday after my track workout, I was limping, but now it's quite a bit better.

This treatment is like Graston.  Deep tissue massage with an implement.  I use a large metal spoon and Voltaren gel as a lubricant.  The goal seems to be to stimulate blood flow and break up kinks in the tissue.  I found this video and generally do something like this:


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