Wednesday, December 21, 2016

brief blast

Had just a little time on a beautiful day in Sewanee, 50º and calm winds, but increasing clouds.   I was on the track Monday, weights and Stairmaster yesterday, so I didn't want to do much.  Just one hard blast.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:30.5 (73, 77) 
3 min rest 
200m - 32
This was like a 'split 1000m'.   Was still recovering when I started the final 200m.

I'll be working out again on Friday, so this was light in order to save the foot.  What I haven't mentioned too much here is my every third day on the Stairmaster.  It's really a killer workout - doing the 20 min Hill program on level 16 (of 20).  I'm dripping sweat in 12 min.  I have sometimes stepped off in between hills for 5 seconds to take a drink, but no cheating, no elbows resting.  It's a good pump for the legs, good aerobic work and foundation.  It's comparable to running a brisk 2 miles.  Forget your treadmill and elliptical ...  good old fashioned Stairmaster is the gym workout.

If the 800m was at the end of the meet in Daegu, I'd consider running it.  It was 'low hanging fruit' in Perth (just 2:17 won Bronze).  I really would never want to train for an 800m.

Still heavy.  Woke up at nearly 149, 145.7 after workout.

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