Tuesday, December 13, 2016

600s in the mist

Gettin' it done today in the classic Sewanee mist/drizzle/fog ... known locally as 'mizzle'.   The fog was dense and by workout's end, visibility down to 30m.  Dark, wet, but not raining.  Thankfully not much wind and temperatures at t-shirt level 45º.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 600m - 1:49, 1:48.5, 1:49
I did these with ample recovery so, not too bad.  I was going to do 4 but ran out of daylight and visibility.   I hit the 400m mark right around my target of 72 on these and I kept a very consistent pace of about 36 / 200m, all were about the same pace.   Faster than the 800s when I'm running 38-40 / 200m.  Keeping my long to short regime, at least a few more foundation workouts like this and then after Xmas, I'll start tempo intervals and speed work.  For now, I'm doing 3-day cycles of track - weights - rest - repeat.   That means just 2 or 3 workouts before I leave town for a week.  I only have access to a track on one day (23) the week I'm gone so I may be running on grass the rest of the time.
Seems like I probably won't be ready for the TSU meet on Jan. 8 but I may give it go just to see where I am.  The Vandy meet on Jan 14 is really the one I want to run but they are unpredictable about entry. With Nationals so early this yr, I need meets under my belt.  Here's a possible Jan

1/8 - TSU
1/14 - Vanderbilt
1/22 - Emory Crossplex
2/10 - Sewanee?

It would be nice to get one more but we'll see.  I could always run in Sewanee's Feb. meet on their 160m track... but that's always hard.  Probably too close to Nationals.

Weight is still high, 145.5 after workout.  Left foot is a whole lot better, right foot the same.

Most people would be inside by the fire ...

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