Wednesday, July 20, 2016


In order to watch on demand videos of the USATF Masters Nationals from Runnerspace/ USATF TV, you have to pay a subscription fee.   Usually, the race videos are pretty good.   Unfortunately, my M55 200m Championship Final was about the worst race video I've ever seen.   I'm absent from the frame in most of the race, and the entire field runs off the frame at the beginning.  Not good for a subscription service.

Gold - Don McGee - 23.90
(exhibition - Karl Smith - Jamaica - 24.36)
Silver - William Yelverton - 24.74
Bronze - Val Barnwell - 24.82

Also, on the USATF TV page, the photo they chose for the Masters Nationals couldn't have been worse.   It showed an ancient walker, alone on the track, no one in the stands.... painting a rather bleak affair.  Not exactly what it looked like.

Here's a screen shot:


  1. Agree with you, Bill. It would have been much better to post an exciting race with people in the stands cheering wildly. I would have used something from one of our great 400s.

    By the way, the gentleman in the photo is running; he doesn't do any race walking at all.

  2. Accurately predicts master athletics. Old athletes fading away but still seeking glory.