Monday, July 4, 2016

"This is how it's supposed to look"

"that is as good and as comfortable as you can look as a sub-44 quarter miler... all you budding quarter milers out there, this is how it's supposed to look in the final 100, relaxed and composed."  - Ato Bolden

 UPDATE: Looking at the winnning 400m trials races, I'm amazed at how calculated and disciplined the splits were for both Merritt and Felix.

 Allyson Felix ran splits somewhere around 24.1 / 25.6

 LaShawn Merritt ran splits somewhere around 21.1 / 22.9

What was most impressive was Merritt's 3rd 100m on the turn, in which I think ran about 10.9 or 11 

These were Merritt's approximate splits:
200m - 21.1
200-300m - 11 (32)
300-400m - 11.9


Seems to me I should be able to run 26 / 28.5, but I haven't been able to do it.

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