Thursday, February 12, 2015

off season ... sorta

Taking a break from the every other day track regime to do some often neglected resistance work.  Working on core with hanging ab straps, adductor and abductor band work, a little upper body, and the usual hip flexor stuff.

Stretching and staying loose.

I've pretty much finished my indoor season.  I will race a 55m dash this Saturday for fun and maybe a 400m on 2/28 on Sewanee's 160m track.   We'll see.   I think I may do the 100/200 double at the 3/13 meet in Tampa.  Still haven't 100% ruled out Masters Indoor Nationals but if I do get in, it will be last minute.  The times I have been running would certainly put me in medal contention depending on who shows up.   Chances are slim that I'll enter, right on the cusp of M55, but not there yet.

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