Saturday, February 21, 2015

more of the same

With horrific winter weather here, I have not run in a week, only 4 times on the track in 4 weeks.   I've totally lost 400m fitness, although I may be able to run a decent 100m.

More resistance tonight.   Upped the resistance on the glute machine to 320 lbs.  Replaced the three 40lb dumbells on the stack with two 65's and a 40.   I can still do it 50x, but it's quite a bit harder.   I did 3 sets and no squat jumps (to save the joints).   Leg extensions, hip flexors, calf raises, abs, abds, adds, some pull ups, and ham raises.

Hope to get on the track sometime in the next 3 days, despite the freezing weather, wind and cold.   It hasn't stopped me before.

Congrats to Dave, Paul and the SWS M50 team that set the AR in the 4x400 at Millrose.  Dave asked me about joining SWSprinters in Birmingham.  If I had, I might have been part of that team.   I think I could have helped them.

I really think me, Jim, Ben, and Val could get the M55 4x200m Indoor WR.  We'd have to avg 25.14, that's easily doable for this group.  Maybe in Albuquerque in '16.

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