Sunday, April 14, 2013


Because of a minor back issue caused by the rower, I did squats and single leg box jumps on Friday night.   The Fowler Center was almost empty at 9 pm ... the 2 people in there besides me I knew, which was cool.

I've been testing the foot,  running in place on mats.  It feels ok but is sore a little afterward.  My mother who had this injury said that it will continue to hurt a bit after it's healed.   I am also doing some calf raises in preparation for running.   Next Xrays are in 9 days, 6+ weeks since my last set.   This Friday will be the 16th week and I'm hopeful.  I expect I'll be running grass and stadium stairs in a few weeks.
150m jog, dynamic stretches, drills 
3 x 15 single leg box jumps 
2 x 15 squats with 40lbs 
2 x 50 single leg calf raises
The title of this blog... Sprint Forever may be wishful thinking.   Don't know if I will be able to sprint forever.   This time off has made my body less suited to the sport, even though I am a decent weight - about 145-6.   I need to ramp up on the resistance bands or I'll get injured if I try to run fast too soon.

I do miss the track and am sad to have missed the college season.   If I do compete again, June will be like Nov or Dec... and not even that fit.  I have no plans to go to the Nationals in KS, unless I surprise myself and start running fast again.  I think about last year at this time, running meets every weekend for 6 weeks.  Yesterday was the Boston Moon Classic at TSU... the same meet last year where I beat all the Sewanee guys in my heat and was consistently running in the 55's.  Seems like a lifetime ago.
I looked at the results this year... I would have beat a few guys again.   I also think of my former teammates from Phily getting ready for Penn.  What an adventure that was.

Maybe I'll eventually get back.


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