Sunday, April 21, 2013

hiking and more stairmaster

After a mid afternoon stuffing at the Chinese buffet, I thought I'd better hit the stairmaster for the second  consecutive night.  So, after hiking all day, I went.   I'm going to need to drop 5+ lbs to get light on my feet to run again.  Goodbye carbs.  I can do it in a week if I watch my diet.  No amount of working out alone is enough to drop weight (as my Dad has conclusively proven).  After the buffet today I was pushing 149 lbs., up a few from last week.

Stairmaster is good foundation.  My heart rate yesterday after the big hill hit 172, today about 164.  I could start doing it nearly every day.

100m jog, dynamic stretches 
Stairmaster - 20 min hlll program lvl 14

My foot and ankle were a little more sore than yesterday.

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