Tuesday, May 8, 2018

speed, first time in spikes in 6 weeks

After a brief workout last night of some abs, rows, and leaps, I hit the Sewanee track for a low volume speed session. Perfect weather... 68ยบ, clear, dry, calm winds.  I put the spikes on for the first time in 6+ weeks today... with some added gel cushioning and a plantar support in my 1/2 size large practice spikes.  I just did 3 hard sprints in spikes: 50 and 2x150.   The feet were not 100% to start after the last 2 hard workouts and last night's plyos, but I did as much as I could and ran fast.   Surprisingly fast.  I timed all my short sprints with a stopwatch to get exact times.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m w/ 3 step flying start - 6.46, 6.56 
50m with lean start - 6.70 
50m from 3 pt stance - 6.86 
Puma spikes on 
50m w/ 2 step flying start - 6.36 
2 x 150m w/ 3 step flying start - 18.70, 18.21 
Hoka trainers on 
300m - 42.8

I was pretty surprised at the 150s.  The last one was certainly in the neighborhood of 25 flat 200m speed.  I measured 50m of turn in lane 7, so 50m turn / 100m straight.   I put the trainers on and finished with a hard 300m, was shooting for 42 but was not sharp enough to get it.

Still hanging on to a little fat, staying about the same... but reducing.

Since I dragged the spikes out, I took inventory on the plastic risers that I've been hoarding.   These spike risers are now virtually obsolete.  They are no longer an option with the new Nike waffle bottom spike.  Except from one guy on ebay selling them for a ridiculous dollar each, they are completely unavailable.  I have 3 pairs of spikes - 2 race and one practice pair that have a full compliment of risers installed (16x3 = 48).  In addition, I have 83 new ones.  I expect they will last me through my entire masters career.  I have 4 pairs of Puma spikes, 2 race spikes that have been in rotation for 4 to 5 yrs, a practice pair, and a brand new unused 1/2 size big pair.   3 of these are the superior version (in my opinion) the Puma Bolt Evo Speed LTD which I think came out in '13 or '14.  They have the dimpled 'golf ball' like surface and run a little smaller.  I've also found a way to keep risers from breaking as easily.  After installed, I coat the spike base and riser with super glue.  it seems to help.  The "XT" or extended thread spikes made by Omni I expect will become obsolete fairly soon so I bought another 100 xmas trees.   Thanks to Running Warehouse that has supplied me over the years with free spike risers, sometimes sending me 32 at a time.  The last time they sent them, last year they said that was the end.

I found a guy on FB, a hurdler from Trinidad who was making them out of aluminum and had developed a CAD diagram for an engraving machine.   When I contacted him, he said he had retired from track so, that was the end of that.   Anyway... I should be ok for racing spikes.

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