Friday, May 25, 2018


Mid 70s, cloudy, humid and calm in Sewanee.  Took my time warming up and set about working on my second turn form.  I was a bit worried about my feet yesterday, as I was limping after Wed's tough workout, but the feet held up ok.  All systems go for Sunday's outdoor season opener.
Hoka trainers on 
350m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 100m strides on grass - 14.5, 13.3 
2 x 250m from the 300m start - 34.2, 34.8 
Puma meet spikes on 
250m from the 300m start - 32.06 (3 step flying start)
I got lane 7 for Sunday's meet so I trained in lane 7.   For the first 2 250s - (100m straight-100m turn-50m straight), I tried to run the first 100m in about 14 and the second 100 in sub 14, really focusing on form on the turn.  I've had trouble with form and balance on the second turn, so I tried to increase effort while maintaining form and relaxation.  Running the turn in lane 7 seemed a bit easier than the inner lanes.

For the last 250m, I put my treasured bright green Puma spikes on.  I wanted to see how the plantar insert would work.  (Wow, these spikes feel so much faster than my half size big and padded practice spikes!)  I'm not sure it really helps but it does give me a sense of security and it worked fine.  I timed it precisely with stopwatch in hand.  Even with the 3 step flying start, a 32 sec 250m is definitely sub 57 pace, and a nice way to finish a workout.  I was surprised at the time.  I expected about a 33.

Here's the kicker:  142.9 lbs after workout.  Finally, race weight.  It was a bitch to get here.  Finally.   I celebrated this morning by eating the first bread I've had in 2+ months. 

Atlanta Relays
I'm the oldest guy registered for the meet.  Paul B., who has always given me a close race, is the only other M55 guy in the race.  As I mentioned, I got lane 7.  Paul is in 1, and teammate John C., driving all the way from Phily, is in lane 6.  John usually runs 54-55, Paul around 57-59, and everyone else is seeded at 52.  So, I won't be running blind for long, John will probably catch me on the back stretch, although we've been known to run run similar for 200m splits.   Weather calls for a chance of rain. 

I signed up for the 200m but am not going to run it.  Foolishly, they are holding 200m prelims on Sat. and I drew lane one.  No thanks.  I might run the 400m/200m next week in Birmingham. 

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