Friday, March 30, 2018

weights, bike, season review

Well, the indoor season is officially over and I didn't imagine at the time that the highlight of my season would have been my first race... and then all downhill from there. 

I finish with the #1 indoor M55 400m time in the USA - 57.02, #5 in the world.  Not too bad for an injury plagued season.  My 9th USATF 400m Championship race since '12... a total of 5 Gold, and 3 Silver.

My plantar issue is still there after 2 weeks.  Sore, but ok enough to exercise with weights, bike, etc... If I were forcing it, I could probably run, but I'm going to give it another week at least.  Despite some good work in the gym, I'm getting heavier and more out of '400m shape'.  There is no substitute for track intervals, but I have been in the gym 6 of the last 8 days.

I ordered a new shoe, the Hoka Napali which was supposed to be a lighter but an identical shoe to the Clifton 3.  It isn't.  It is just slightly narrower in the forefoot (2mm), so I sent it back and ordered another (my 4th pair) of Clifton 3s while I still can.  (The Clifton 4s are terrible).  I found some new Clifton 3s on ebay for just $95.  Of my present 3 pairs of Clifton 3s, one is worn out, one is ok so I use it for gym and street hills, and the other is still good for the track.  It's good to have 2 track worthy shoes.  And with the Clifton 3's coming obsolescence, I need to have a fresh pair.  Hoka has struggled to design a shoe as good as the Clifton 1, but has failed.  Some even compare the Clifton 1 to the $250 Nike 4% Vapor.   The new Hoka Elevon series has not been compared favorably with the Clifton 3.

2 x 15 single leg squats with 80 lbs each leg 
1 x 35 hip flexor machine with 150 lbs 
6 x 15 sec sprint intervals on bike with 45 sec rest 
chest machine, rows

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