Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Yearly physical and bloodwork

Quite a difference from last time when my total cholesterol was 219.

My latest labs showed a total cholesterol of 163.    No drugs!

I can't believe we even had a discussion of taking statins last year.  According to my Dr., even if my total cholesterol was 250,  the 'zero score' on my calcium CT heart scan would not indicate the need for statins.  My chance for a heart attack in the next 15 yrs is about zero.

What changed?  I gave up eggs and butter blend, fried fish and chicken (not that I ever ate a lot), eat very low carb, and a bit less sugar (I still eat sugar).  I also have been taking supposedly heart healthy supplements: CoQ10, plant sterols, and niacin.  Dr. Paul, a man of mainstream medical science says these supplements don't do squat... zip... nothing.

One thing to note, the main difference between the previous test and the most recent was diet and training.  The previous test was 3 weeks after the season ended in Aug and I had gained 6 lbs eating bread and butter.

Dr. Paul and I like to debate on the conventional wisdom of medicine.  For example, I told him I thought flu shots were a scam, he disagreed.  One thing we did agree on was the healthful affects of light fasting and simply eating less.

It all comes down to choices, those who choose wrongly have an apparent sense of entitlement.... the kind of entitlement I felt after ending my season last August and gaining weight.

My favorite chain restaurant that I frequent at least once a week - Panera Bread - is bread, carb, and pastry heaven.   I eat there ALL the time and I can't remember the last time I had a pastry there.


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