Monday, February 19, 2018

Back on track

Back on the track, and I have a lot of work to do and not much time.  Nice day, 66º but windy.  My foot is better but far from 100%.   At least I can walk normally and without pain.   Much better than a week ago when I was limping, perhaps about the same as it was 2 weeks ago when I was on the track 3 days in a row.   I didn't push it today, nothing faster than 16-17 sec 100m pace.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 400m w/ 2:30 rest - 69, 71 
400m - 65.5
I almost stopped right after starting the last 400 when I felt that tugging on the sole of my foot, but kept going as it wasn't very painful.  I could tell I have work to do, usually I could run 3 x 400m about 71 avg with 2 min rest.  Couldn't do that today.   The problem is that I have no time to get to the track except for tomorrow and Friday this week.  And, I probably shouldn't do 2 days in a row now that I'm just getting back.

I'll tell you, the previous 2 night on the bike gave me a thigh pump far greater than any running I've done.  I just wonder that the bike is too far away from the specificity of running, but it sure does provide a muscular and aerobic workout.  I pushes my heart rate as high as anything on the track.  I think I'll probably do bike again instead of track tomorrow.

I ran with the arch support orthodics and the interesting thing is, the feet are really different.  The inserts are exactly the same, but the right foot, I can't feel the insert, it's totally comfortable.  On my plantar afflicted left foot, I can feel the arch support pushing against my sole.  Perhaps due to swelling or a flatter foot, I don't know.

In an additional improvement to my Hoka trainers unrelated to my foot injury, I cut up some old shoe sole inserts and added a bit more padding to the outside of my foot where I strike.  I really like the feel of the shoes with these additions.

143.5 lbs after workout.

Tomorrow, I'll be getting some heel cups and a Brookstone foot massage machine as recommended by my Dr.    Hope these will help.

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