Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rough day

My 400m race today was probably one of the worst in my masters career.  Yes I had foot issues, the usual pain in my heel but it wasn't that.  2 things, poorly executed race and I'm just not in shape to run a 400m.

The killer was the start, I stumbled and almost fell coming out of the blocks, that almost never happens to me, probably due to my lack of blocks practice due to my foot.  With much younger fast guys outside of me I pushed like hell ... too fast.... to catch up and ran a respectable 26.1 first 200m split, after losing the fight to the rail with one of the guys, I tucked in behind a guy and just faded, rigging really hard in the last 20-30m.   I really locked up.  Didn't stay at all relaxed.  My last 200m was a dismal 32 high.  Finished in slowest time I've ever run in a masters 400m race:  59.03  

Despite the slow time, because I executed poorly and rigged up, I felt as exhausted and beaten up as I've felt after running 3+ seconds faster.   I limped home in pain and disgust.   My foot really hurting.  I've been training since Oct. and I have this to show for it.  Pathetic. 

I have to keep in mind that in 2012, I ran a 59 in mid-Jan and came back later that season to win my first Nationals in 55.90.   So, I'm not giving up.  I'll keep fighting.  The way my foot feels, I may not race again til Nationals, and then...  may not have more than once race in me.    

Today, I saw a cross country skier fall early in the race and go from last to Olympic Gold.  I need such a comeback.  

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