Thursday, August 11, 2016

volume foundation

Out in the middle of the day in Sewanee to get a workout in so I won't miss any of the Olympic prime time broadcast.  Mid 80ºs, heat index about 90º, partly cloudy.
Hoka trainers on 
350m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 800m - 2:37, 2:38, 2:40, 2:42
Did I say how much I hate 800m repeats?   The first and last ones were the toughest.  I ran these at a tempo where I could really pick it up for the last 100m.   First 400m, about 74-75 pace.  These were made more difficult by the hot sun and the fact that my little toe was on fire due to being crushed.   Taping didn't seem to help.  Only on my right foot.

This was the most volume I've done in a while.  It was good for me.  Having the goal of Perth 11 weeks away is motivational.   This long to short regime is tried and true.  I'm not ready to go every other day yet.  I've only taken 2 brief rests in the past 10 months, each being 9 and 10 days.   Not really enough.  Of course, I'm not starting from scratch.   My 800s today were way faster than my 800 repeats from April '15, but they were limited by my hip flexor injury 3/28/15.   That was an epic 13 week training cycle leading up to Nationals and Worlds last year.  Was running volume instead of speed for a month in April-May '15 because of that injury.  I didn't do any event run / race pace until early June.

5 weeks from now, Sr games meets begin.  If I have some balls, I'll race an 800m in the first one.

144 lbs after workout.

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