Friday, August 26, 2016

swimming and resistance, Perth

Did a long lake swim today, 3/4 mile.   Also, one set of resistance - hip flexors, quads, hams, chest.

The Competition in Perth

Was looking at the competition in Perth now that registration is complete.   It's every bit as competitive as Lyon was, especially the 200m.   There are 15 guys seeded at 25.10 or less!  Of those, I think 5 including myself are bonfide and the rest are fakers.  (Based on Mastersrankings - what they have logged in the past 2 yrs).   The 400m, there are 9 seeded at 56.0 or less (only 8 in Lyon).  Of those, I think about 5 are bonefide including myself.   There are well over 50 total competitors in each event.   Today, I ordered my uniform from USATF.  Looks like the red USA 2012 Olympic uniforms.

So, it's going to be tough to snag a medal.   Me, Corey, and Ken are the only real US 400m runners.  Hopefully we'll be able to draft someone like Don to join us in a 4x400.    I think I should be on the M55 4x100, definitely faster than the 4th and 5th guys they listed in the article in on the relay pools, and ... I was on the team that set the M55 AR in Lyon.

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