Tuesday, August 4, 2015

more event runs

This, one of my final workouts in Sewanee... the hottest day here since '12 but by sunset it had cooled to 84º and was quite nice.

I did everything fast ... from blocks.   Went well, felt good.  Spent a good long time warming up and dove into a fast 300m event run.
Saucony Trainers on 
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 100m striders 
Saucony spikes on 
2 x starts from blocks 
300m event run - 39.75 (25.75/14) 
3 x 200m - 25.75, 26, 26  
100m strider  
3 x starts from blocks
Felt a bit better than last time out.  Nailed the splits with less effort than last time.

I'll probably go out and do some technical stuff Thurs. night in my team USA uniform to see how it feels.

Ready to represent.

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  1. Ready to 'cheer' and proud to be 'here'!!