Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MTSU team trials - wow

The MTSU track team has been doing really tough workouts this year.  Track intervals 4 days a week, hills one day, weights 3 days.  The team time trials were this week and wow...

Emanual T.  from Uganda ran a 29.3 300yds (yes, yards... don't know why) and a 56.7 500m.   Stunning.   He could beat me by nearly 100m in a 400.  He has run 45.95 in the 400m.  Could be nationally competitive.  Again, don't know why they were racing 300yds, but by standard conversion factor, ET ran a 32.5 300m.  Close to world class.

Hard work pays off.  Go team.

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  1. units of distance are irrelevant..units can be in hands, feet, is the energy mechanism being trained that is important. guessing, the design criteria was a 30 second effort at some speed, which equated to ~ 300 yards.