Monday, February 25, 2013

Short rows, and resistance

Did 2 short fast rows on Sunday in Sewanee and some upper body.   Jogged 100m, foot felt OK but has felt a little sore today after some home projects.

Concept 2 rowing machine 
2000m - 8:07 (pr) 36 spm 
500m - 1:49 (pr) 43 spm

The rowing was close to maximum effort, pushing my heart rate to 160+ by the end.

Thinking about getting a second opinion on my foot.   I'm afraid that this foot won't completely heal and I'll have to have surgery.   Next xrays in about 2 weeks.

Was going to work out again today, but I had some home projects that kept me busy and on my feet all day.

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  1. Bearing weight tends to want to spread the tissues and supporting structures in the foot, like sitting on soft ball spreads it's contact patch to the ground. That is highly problematic for a crack in the foot, or any weight bearing bone.