Saturday, February 23, 2013

Resistance and more rowing

Workin' hard on the rower in Sewanee.   Saturday evening, I had the place to myself.   I chatted with a baseball player who was walking in a boot with a similar injury and was hoping to be back to playing in 2 weeks (8 weeks total for him).  My foot doesn't really hurt much, just some mild burning now and then.  I ran a little on some gym matts, felt fine.

I did a glute and groin workout Friday night and was a bit sore from that by the time I hit the rower tonight.  I did get another PR in the 2000m  ... it was hard.
Concept 2 Rowing Machine 
2 x 2000m - 8:08, 8:26  (36, 35 spm) 
500m - 1:52  (44 spm)
Started too fast in the 500m and died in the end.  All intervals I pushed hard in the end to get my heart rate to 160ish.   I'll go back tomorrow or Monday or both.

Talked with James Chinn today, he's entering the National Indoor meet.  At age 54 1/2, I hope he gets a medal.   I heard Tony DiSalvo is also out with an injury, sorry to hear that.

I'm hanging at about 147 median weight.


  1. I like the statistic (median). What is sample size?

  2. Try this: set starting distance to 4K. Set display so that time/500 meters is displayed. Row odd 500 meters at 2:10 pace (1,3,5,7). Row even 500 (2,4,6,8) meters at 1:56 pace. Keep SPM the same for each pace, (33 to 35), just drive (legs) harder to go faster. If you can keep the intervals you should complete the 4K in 16:24ish.

  3. I could never do that. It's a struggle to keep 2:00 pace.

  4. If you are really at your limit for the 2K then it is probably too much.

    Try this instead:

    Set rower on 2K and monitor pace per 500 meters
    Break the 2K into 8 continuous intervals, of 250 meters each
    Row the odd (1,3,5,7) intervals at a 2:10 pace
    Row the even (2,4,6,8)at a 1:56 pace

    Monitor splits closely, running time should be 8:08.

    Rest 10 minutes and repeat.