Sunday, February 17, 2013


Did a fast 2000m on the Concept 2 rower, a PR.  My heart rate reached 160 on that first row.   Did just 2 reps and some plyos with the medicine ball.  It was nice to watch a pickup basketball game at the Fowler Center while I worked out.

Spent much of the day cutting, splitting and stacking firewood so I burned some calories today.   Got a late start and wanted to get back to watch the Milrose Games.   (I think I am the only person in the world switching TV channels back and forth between the Milrose Games and Downton Abby).
Concept 2 rower 
2 x 2000m - 8:18, 8:36  - 35 and 33 spm 
plyos w/ medicine ball
I can jog with no pain flat footed.   The foot throbs and sometimes hurts a little.  I think it's going to eventually heal, no matter what I do.   Sooner or later.


  1. nice job on the row - keep the spm in that range and just increase your drive with your legs and hips. more power per stroke. is the monitor a PM3 or PM4?

  2. I'm getting it, with a slower stroke rate, the wheel slows down allowing more force to be put into it. The last workout ad a drag setting of 3 which helps a bit to slow the wheel between strokes.