Monday, February 11, 2013

Back to rowing

Back on the Concept 2 rower after a 2 week vacation of once a week workouts.

I was reminded of how long a trip it will be to come back after this injury.   When not in shape, doing endurance interval work is more sickening than just the normal fatigue I feel when in shape.   This injury is healing so slowly, I wonder if I made the right decision about not getting the bones screwed together.  It will be at least late March before any running, and when I do come back, it will be arduous... foundation 800s, etc....  For every week off, 2+ weeks to get back to where I was.   April will be like October all over again.  

At least I can bike and row now.   I even find myself running up stairs.   With this gap in my bones, I don't know why I'm not feeling more pain.
Concept 2 rowing machine 
3 x 2000m  - 8:25, 8:35, 8:36   - 35 strokes/min 
weights and squats with weight

I'm going to try and keep a better regime.   Probably do 3 x 3 miles on the bike @ about 7 min when I get back to Murfreesboro.

I've put on weight, over 147 after workout.


  1. what do you think the risks of hard cycling are?

  2. Getting hit by a car is the hardest for sure!!

  3. potentially further damage to your already damaged patella articular surface. 50 year + new cyclists should start easy, high rpm (95-105), low intensity, and scale up slowly over a month. cycling puts a lot of force on the patella.

  4. 35 SPM is a good rate for you. As you get better at it, go faster by pulling a little harder with each stroke but keeping stroke rate about the same.