Monday, February 18, 2013

Rowing in Sewanee

Second consecutive day of rowing in Sewanee, this time another PR and 3 sets.
Dynamic stretchs, 50m flat footed jog 
Concept 2 rower 
3 x 2000m - 8:10, 8:26, 8:35  - 33/spm 
upper body weights
I enjoyed rowing today while the women polevaulters worked out right in front of me.  They seem to need a coach.   The akle brace offer significant support to my foot and I can run up short flights of stairs with no problem.   I think this brace takes pressure off the broken bones and pushes the bones together.  It's just too uncomfortsble to sleep in, but I wear it all the time.  What I think will irritate my foot is impact and twisting. Stairs have neither.  I did a hobbled test jog today and it felt fine.

On the other hand... was just looking at some bad experiences with this injury on a Runners World blog.  Some say they've had success with a home untrasound bone stimulator machine: Exogen 4000

I wonder if I can start to run on grass as this injury heals?  It seems like it will heal no matter what if given enough time.  At this rate, I should be able to run fast by April.   Next xray - 3 weeks.

I missed the track so much I went and visited it today.


  1. Not a record unless you enter it into Concept2 on line record book. If you had, you be 155 out of 227. But you are improving. They also have a VO2 estimator tool.

    you are 42.54

  2. I've been following your blog for awhile. Sorry to hear about the foot injury. I'm glad to see you are so diligently keeping up your varied workouts. Hope to see you outdoors in Kansas.

    Lee Bridges

  3. you have a 7:30 2K row in you waiting to come out..