Friday, February 15, 2013

On the bike

I was delusional thinking I could ride 2:20 mile pace on this twisty hilly windy course on my cheap bike.   3+ min miles was more like it.   I definitely need a flatter straighter course for bike workouts.
On the bike 
3 x 3 miles - 9:15, 9:40, 9:30 
2 x 50 - glute resistance bands each side
I'm now in the under-the-shoe wraptor brace.  It does offer some support.  I'm hoping this foot will heal.  There is a possibility of a late season for me.   After the college season, there are a whole series of hand timed meets in May and June, AL & TN State meets in June, the Masters Nationals in July, district meets in September and a big Masters meet in Puerto Rico in Sept.

I hope this passes.   If I start running again April 1, it will be at least mid May before I'm even back to 57ish in the 400m.

I am fat.  Weighed 151 after Thursday buffet - heaviest in a year, but was 146.2 after workout.   Fasted til dinner.  Definitely feel the adipose.

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  1. 2;20 pace per mile converts to ~ 26 mph. 26 mph is very difficult to hold for any length of time, no matter the bike or course..