Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meet Report - MTSU Christmas Invitational

Decent start.  Better than last year.  

57.76 - 400m
25.61 - 200m

The best thing is that I have no strains or even a hint of an injury. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

It was my 4th fastest 400m time indoors and my 4th fastest 200m indoors.   I was pretty spent after the 400m and knew I wouldn't have much for the 200m only 70 min later.    It felt pretty good overall. Very fatiguing in the 400m but no serious rigging.   Considering I ran a 59.00 on this track on 1/21/12, I'm doing OK.   I was far more fatigued in those two January races where I ran about 59  (heh.... I even thought the timer made a mistake, I was so slow).

I entrusted my camera to bystanders to take photos of my starts.  Both failed miserably.   I did get a photo of my heat in the 200m, but not with me in it.   I had lane 6 and had already left the blocks.

My backup pair of Puma Bolts performed perfectly.   I didn't lose any spikes or crowns like I did Thursday doing starts.

Next week, I'm going to take some time off from the track and do some sorely needed resistance and 'pre-hab'... I want to run the 55m in Feb and don't want any more hamstring issues.

As expected, I finished last in both events, but not embarrassingly far behind.   I was happy to participate, it was exhilarating.   I left with a smile and no injuries, good to see my 'track family' again.


  1. No injuries and good early season times ... can't ask for more.

  2. Actually, my left groin is sore today.