Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Event run, 400m trial

A cloudy warm and breezy day at the Sewanee track this morning.   I ran fast despite some sore quads.... but not real fast.  A little disappointing.

I set a 'high bar' pace at near PR:  100m splits at 13,14,14,15 = 56.   Of course I came up short... somewhere between 57.5 and 58 as near as I can figure.  It reminded me how painful this race is ... and often begs the question, "Why am I killing myself?'

I nailed the first two splits and fell about 1 second off on the second two 100s.

1000m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
400m event run from blocks - 57.75 (27/31)
2 x 100m from blocks on the curve   
I shouldn't be surprised I'm so slow.   I'm heavy, about 143+, and I haven't done much quality speed endurance work.   I really need to do some negative split 400s and some race pace 300s.

My best at MTSU indoors in 57.40.   I think a reachable goal would be to simply break 58 in this first meet on Sat.  I won't run the 200m in this first meet.   Haven't done enough resistance work, so I feel a little injury susceptible for an all out 200m or 55m.  

It's been really warm.  I saw the team outside today training in a light rain.  I hope to get some gun starts on Thurs with the team.   Last day of school is Wed.

The season really doen't get into full swing until Feb., so it's still early.   There is only one meet in Jan.

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  1. Goals for this meet are (1) Smiles and (2) NO INJURIES!! It's VERY EARLY!!