Sunday, July 14, 2019

New lease on summer

I was scheduled to have hand surgery on Friday and I backed out at literally the last minute, I made the decision during the drive to the hospital.  My hand symptoms weren't bad enough to warrant surgery so I opted for some cortisone shots.  The hand feels ok and will likely improve in the coming days.  I was prepared to put away my boat, bike, and motorcycles for the month and possibly the summer.  I had read wide ranging personal accounts of the surgery from 'recovery in a few weeks' to 'never the same again.'   So, I'm fine and it has been a reminder to never take for granted what I have.  Saturday I expected to be in pain recovering, but instead, I was at the lake swimming, doing pushups, and enjoying life.  I swam a lot, about 3/4 mile. 

There will come a time when I can't do a pullup, when I can't run, when I can't use my boat, when I can't play guitar, when I can't bike, and possibly even when I can't walk...   to those who blow off such opportunities to do these things out of laziness when they can, it is sad and you will regret it... someday.  This was a lesson for me. 

So, I've been getting fairly 'buff' in my upper body, doing a lot more upper body work this week and yesterday.   Eating a bit more.   Saturday, I did not intend to run although I really wanted to.  The rec center was open late but was buzzing with activity with a major youth swim meet.  So I went to the track and did a warm up, some drills and 5 x 50m high knee fast turnover sprints on turf.  Then I went to the weight room and did upper body, and glutes.  I was the only person there as the place was really open later than scheduled.

I live a pretty solitary life as my close friends and family are far away, but it's a like living in a sports camp.  I can swim, bike, lift, and run as much as I am able on turf, hills or track.   Frankly, I have little else to do, except occasional musical practicing and recording.  I do hope to get my boat out again week after next, since my truck is in the shop (again). 

It's really difficult to restrain myself from trying to run too often at this point.  I really should not run any more than every 4th or 5th day or so.  Next time I may just run hills instead of track, tomorrow at the earliest. 

It's not been too hot here past few days, just low 80ºs but the water temperature at the lake is about 88º at the surface.  It's like a paradise there, rarely see people except for weekends but on Sat., no one was there from 12:30 - 2:30pm.   I go right to the lakeshore on my motorcycle instead of having to hike the half mile to get there from the road.  I swim the quarter mile across the lake to a beautiful rock beach with colorful wild flowers, it's pristine and warm.  I imagine the fishing is great.  Paradise. 

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