Monday, July 8, 2019

First track workout in 8 months

Well, it wasn't a real workout, but I did sprint for the first time, about 85%. 

It was great being on the track again.  Not going to push it, maybe once a week for the next month.  Knee isn't 100% but it's getting there.  It was a steamy humid evening in Sewanee, not hot, about 74º with a thunderstorms all around.  I kept it real brief as a big storm was approaching.

Clifton 3 trainers on
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 100m - 15.48, 14.82, 14.42

Well, it's a start.  I can sprint, albeit, slowly.  I expect to be back out Thurs as I am having a hand surgery Friday that will put me out of biking and much upper body lifting for weeks.  Hopefully, I'll be back on the track shortly after.  Expect to do some hill running next time.  Hill running is actually safe as it is short stride. 

I'm not as light as I'd like to be ... still around 146-147 lbs yesterday, 145 today.   It's fruit and melon season, been eating more but well.


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