Saturday, December 2, 2017

stadium stairs

Friday morning, I was at MTSU to run stadium stairs, my first set in a while.  Nice weather, 50sº and sunny.  I was happy to be joined by my colleague Jacob and his wife Madison.
Hoka trainers on 
200m warmup, stretches 
17x stadium stair sprints
After 8x I was really feeling it. I had to stop and rest.  Wanted to do 20x but ran out of time since I had a meeting to attend.  After my last one, I was still running at a good pace.  I felt I could do it all day with enough rest in between.  Nevertheless, today on Saturday, I'm pretty sore in the quads.  The good news is that my feet feel ok and I should be back on the track tomorrow.  3 more days of excellent weather in the 60ºs before a massive cold air mass moves in on Wed. which will effectively drop daytime temps 20º ... so it will be in the 40ºs daily for the next 3 weeks of Dec. training season.


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