Tuesday, November 1, 2016

World Masters Championships - 200m Final

After running two fairly weak races in the prelims and semis, I got my confidence back a bit with a decent race in the 200m Finals.  Finished 6th in 25.04.  Sure, I would have liked to run faster, but after a disastrous 25.47 in the semis - resulting in lane 7 for the final, I'll take it.  It's actually 0.04 faster than my Bronze medal race in France last year, and one of my faster non-wind aided times this year.   It was a fast group, 5 under 25, (compared with 2 in France last yr).  3 Aussies, 2 USA, 2 Brits, a German and a Japanese.   It would have taken a 24.6 to medal, not out of the question for me but, not today.  Don McGee won in 24.44, his second World Championship.  It was fun, the Aussies took Silver and Bronze - 24.60 and 24.61.  They were a riot.  The officials were reading some stuff telling us all to turn off electronic devices, Rudy chimed in 'alright guys, turn off your pacemakers.'

I witnessed some awesome performances today.  Steve Peters, M63 ran a hundredth off the M60 WR in an astonishing 24.11.   He is quite an individual.  An Olympic track coach, psychiatrist, and a dominant masters sprinter.  He was watching our race finish and said he 'couldn't believe it' ... 'shoulders and knees and heads bobbing all over the place...' a study in bad running form.  Steve is a high knee lift runner, as opposed to me - a low knee lift / high turnover runner.   He said that's why I run so well indoors.  Gerhard new to M60, who I narrowly beat in Lyon, also ran his fastest 200m in years, 24.63.

With Steve Peters
Bill Collins won his second Gold today in the M65.
With Bill Collins

Tomorrow is the 400m prelims, followed by a day off.  After no shows and not including scratches, there are 44 competitors, and there will likely be more scratches.  There are 5 semifinal heats and I drew lane one for my prelim.  It looks like my biggest competition will come from the Australian champion who has run 54+, Corey - who took second at nationals, and both the Gold and Silver Medalists from the 400m hurdles.  The big news is that the Brazilian who won Silver in Lyon is a no-show.  I'm feeling OK, except for a sore groin.  I think I've gotten out of the funk that I was in and I'm ready to run a 400m tomorrow.  I just wish it weren't from lane one ... with a sore foot and a sore groin.  There likely isn't anyone who will run under 58 in my heat, but you never know.  I'll try and run it hard, because with a day off afterward, it would be good for me.

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