Saturday, November 5, 2016

World Masters Championships - 400m Final

This is one of the hardest posts I've ever written.  Today, after leading the World Championship M55 400m race with 50m to go, I got passed, stumbled and fell inches before the finish line ... when solidly in Bronze medal position.  I was two steps ahead of 4th place with less than 10m to go.  It was an unparalleled disaster.  I went out hard and rigged in the end, was being passed in the last 10m and I try to set up a lean at the finish too soon, and fell, sliding just 6 inches in front of the finish line.

Humiliating.  Disappointing.  Devastating.  I was en route to a certain Bronze medal at about a 55.5 pace.

I cut my forehead, skinned my shoulder, knees, and hands.

To spend thousands, train for a year, and go home with nothing.  All I can say is, I'm feeling the agony of defeat in the worst way.   Suffered to get here.  Suffered in defeat.  The Buddhists say, 'Life is suffering.'  Maybe this is what I needed.

From leading the world championship race .... to falling on my face

I feel broken right now.  A loser, surrounded by so many colleagues that are winners.

It's going to be hard to get back on that track and train for indoor.




  1. Bill, you're an elite sprinter who has put up huge numbers on a regular basis. Anyone who follows this sport knows you will stay at the top.
    Dave Neumann.

  2. Aussie hearts went out to this athlete as we willed him over the line. To see him give everything he had, to go for the win was inspiring. He conducted himself with great dignity and integrity afterwards - the measure of an exceptional athlete and more importantly, an exceptional man.

  3. You are still our Son and we love you, respect you, and admire you and always will!!! Most important, you got up and ran with your 'buds' the next day for the Gold......Dad and Mom