Sunday, January 10, 2016

TSU Ed Temple - Meet report (updated)

Well, it's a start.

400m - 57.36
200m - 25.46

About the same as my debut last year at UIndy, except this TSU track is slow, UIndy's is Mondo. They're not the times I was hoping for, but ok for the following reasons:
1) Both are M55 world leading times
2) Both would have won Nationals last yr (save for a Jamaican in the 200m - unofficial)
3) This is the slowest track I will race on all indoor season for a 400/200
4) Both are the fastest times I've run at this facility

Running out of the dreaded lane one in a heat of just 3, I tucked in behind the leader and and pretty much stayed with him the whole way.  My occasional workout partner, John W. passed us both on the home stretch, making up a 10m deficit in 200m.  I finished last.  Can't believe John ran even splits 28/28.   He's a miler / 800 guy.

I was tired afterward but not completely dead exhausted, no rigging.  I think I can go faster.  I think my splits were about 26.5/30.8.

210m mark in the 400m race

400m finish

I almost scratched this race because I felt a slight pain in the right ham, and I wasn't fully recovered from the 400m.  But I went ahead.  It was an OK race, not as strong as I'd like in the end, got nipped by Don and finished last.  At least I didn't injure myself.   It was actually 0.01 sec faster than my debut on Mondo last year and is actually my best 200m season opener ...  0.02 faster than my season indoor PR in '12 - run on a banked Mondo in Birmingham.  So, I shouldn't feel too bad about it, run just an hour or less after a 400m.

A very short turnaround time as the Vandy meet is a 2 day meet (Friday- 200m / Sat. - 400m).   I'm not in that meet yet, as I have just asked permission.   If denied, I'll go to Birmingham and race both 400/200 on Friday, and that looks like it will also require permission.  Unfortunately, decisions/permission must be made by tomorrow midnight 1/11 for AL and Tues. midnight 1/12 for Vandy.    If Coach Keith leaves me hanging and doesn't reply by mid day tomorrow, I will have to also ask to get into the Birmingham meet.  There is a chance I'll get denied at both.  The Vandy meet is highly preferred, it is the fasted track I've ever run on.

I really have only 2 training days this week.  I am inclined to go out and do a bitchin' hard workout in the cold tomorrow, but I feel like I'm developing a chest cold.  It probably will be about freezing but sunny.  I could rest tomorrow and do Tues and Wed.  I was a slightly heavy for this meet, probably close to 145.

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