Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet report - Emory Crossplex

55.91 - 400m

Not a bad time, but I was running in traffic.  I ran 55.68 there last year, but in a slightly better lane (5) with no traffic.   It is the fastest time in the world so far this year, faster than any indoor M55 time last year, and considerably faster than the M55 winning time at Nationals last year.    It was my 3rd fastest time on a 200m track.  (55.90 at IU when I won Nationals in '12).   At least it shows I'm in decent shape and have not lost much, if any speed in the last 4 yrs.  

I had lane 4, fellow masters Marcus S. in 5, fast kid from Alcorn in 6, and 3 slower college guys from Berry, Emory and Rhodes inside.  Got a decent start and ran a fast first 200m, but Marcus and the fast kid came storming down the hill and led at the break with me in third.  I couldn't believe how fast Marcus took it out.  Passing the finish line clock, I think he was close to 25 flat, I might have been under 26.   So, I just tucked in behind Marcus and relaxed.   Coming off the last turn, I had some power left.  One guy behind me swung out to pass, so just before we hit the straight, I swung out to lane three and passed both Marcus and the other guy who passed me.  The fast kid led from beginning to end and won in 53, I was second, Emory - third, Berry - fourth, Marcus - fifth, Rhodes - sixth.  That's the way it seemed to go down.   It was quite a scamper. 

I was given lane one for the 200m -  huge disadvantage -  and decided to scratch.  My foot was sore anyway.  

Next race will be same place next week... KMS Invitational, probably my last opportunity to race before Millrose and Nationals.   I have very little time to train this week, just 2 days - Wed and Friday. and will be off Monday and Tues.   I registered for the 400/200 but am thinking of scratching the 400m and doing the 60 and 200.   I have to decide by tomorrow.  It would give me more time to get to Birmingham since the 60 is later, and give me a chance to focus more on the 200.   I might be able to establish WL times in 3 events.  But then again, I haven't been working on my 60 speed that much and the risk for injury is greater.   But I have never been injured in a 55/60m race, but have had strains in practice.   We'll see.  


  1. Good run. Patience is a virtue and paid off in your race.


  2. Thanks Bro... I saw your name in somewhere in some results, you were running 45 in college.... and you're still world class.