Friday, January 29, 2016


Did a brief but high intensity speed workout today in the lovely winter weather at the Dean Hayes track.  It was upper 40ºs and sunny, T-shirt weather.
Saucony trainers on 
600m warmup on grass, stretches, drills 
3 x 150m - 19.5, 19, 18.75 
3 x 50m from blocks
I wanted to do some full speed sprinting today, as I am signed up to race the 60m and 200m on Sunday.  It felt good, no signs of vulnerability but I really need to prepare to run the 60m with some prehab, roller massage, hot tub and stretches.  I haven't run a short blast race since my devastating injury (hip flexor) at Vanderbilt in the 100m 10 months ago.  I rarely run the 60m and I haven't been specifically training for it, but I think I'm strong enough to post something close to a PR with a good race.... and this may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Yes ... of a lifetime.
I was put in the same race as the pros and Olympic elites.   I don't know why, I submitted a reasonable seed time.  I will be lining up in the same heat as 2X US Champion and World Silver Medalist - M. Bracy, and 10.1 Bahamian sprinter A. Griffith, and a few other sponsored pros.

How often do I get a chance to do this?   Even at my peak speed in college (probably around 7 flat), I'd be 5m behind the winner, now... probably 10m+.   The old whitey will be laughed at, but so what.  I'm going to do it if I feel able.

Olympian and world class sprinter T. Kimmons is in heat 2.

M. Bracy winning the 60m Adidas Grand Prix - beating Mike Rogers, Ryan Bailey, and Nickel Ashmeade

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