Monday, January 11, 2016

Day off

It's early season, if I can't get into Vandy this coming weekend, I'm going to take the weekend off and tool up for Birmingham in 2 weeks.   All my masters friends will be there from Atlanta.

Good news is my chest cold has subsided, but my right upper ham is sore.  I need a day off from the track, although I'm going to do abs and hip flexors today.  I'll start prehab on the ham tomorrow.

The only reason I would race this weekend is that it may be my only opportunity to race on what I feel is the fastest track indoors or out in the area, and it's local.    No sense in driving to Birmingham 2 weekends in a row.   Also, I remember when running PRs last yr at Vandy, I had a sore ham and was on the trainers table with a heat pack in between races.

I've booked my flights to NM for indoor Nationals and the USF outdoor meet the week after.

Still haven't heard from coach Keith on the Vandy meet.  Deadline is tomorrow.

Kudos to Sonya, a 44yr old masters champion who WON the mile at the TSU meet in 4:55, beating 15 college women half her age.

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