Thursday, November 19, 2015

American Record?

The USATF masters chair seems to have recommended our Team USA M55 4x100m and 4x400m relay results as new USATF M55 American Records according to this article.   

I could definitely see that our World Champion M55 4x100m team of Disalvo, Yelverton, Chinn, and Tissenbaum as an American record - 47.10 ... since the Brits hold the world record at 46.16.  Ours was a good time, faster than the Silver Medal USA M50 team.

But, the listed M55 4x400m world record is held by the Houston Elite guys (led by Allie and Collins) and is a whopping 7.7 sec faster than our Lyon USA M55 team.  So, I don't understand why this 4x400m would be an M55 AR.

We'll see I suppose.  The USATF annual meeting is Dec. 2-6.

American Record holders (?): the M55 World Champion 4x100m team

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