Monday, September 8, 2014

not ready to sprint

The conditions were rough... stiff headwind, terrible track, but at least it wasn't super hot at the KY State Games at Western Hill, HS in Frankfort.  Plus, I hadn't sprinted anything close to 100% for a 200m or less distance in 9+ weeks, and certainly no blocks.

Ingredients for the slowest 200m race of my Masters career, 26.44.  My expected competition scratched, and they screwed up the time on many races.  (They had to repeat the 100m due to timing error).  They originally listed me in 4th place with a time in the 30s... no telling what I really ran but the final official time was probably right.

Everyone was slow.  Rohan, who ran a 12.08 100m with a headwind this season, clocked 12.59 on this awful track.

The track was basically concrete with a thin eroding layer of black synthetic material.   Many spots were bald and even slippery with the loose decaying granular surface coming off.  I even thought about not wearing my spikes fearing I might damage them, but then decided to wear them for fear of slipping on the gravelly surface.

Adidas speed suit

The meet was ridiculous.  Scheduling the 200-400-800 consecutively and in such a small meet with only 3 or 4 heats, that amounted to no more than a 15 rest in between races.   The 200m was tiring, maybe I didn't eat enough that morning and I dropped a bunch of weight quickly for the meet, but I didn't feel real strong.  I got an ok start, not great, ran a decent turn but faded a bit in the last 20-30m.  So, after the 200m I decided to scratch the 400m.... but at the last minute, I jumped in and ran it for a workout in 60 flat.  It was real tiring, as tiring as any 400m I've ever run, even though I didn't go out fast.  At least I won both races.   It really was a helluva workout.   Can't believe Dave S. ran the 200-400-800 races back to back.  I was panting for more than 10 min after my 400m.

I will never do this meet again if they have it at this track with this schedule.

I had an inside lane for the 200m, lane 2, which was pretty chewed up.   I made up the stagger on everyone in the first 50m and won the race by a good 15+ meters.   There were some faster guys there from Ohio, first time masters just turned 50, so it wasn't a blowout.  The 2 fastest 100m guys scratched, which was a shame.  I faded in the last 20-30m and the second place guy seemed to even gain on me a bit.

I survived with just some nominal minor soreness in the groin.

The new Adidas speed suit felt good, although I'm not used to running with that much compression on my torso.   It's never been washed so maybe it will loosen up as I use it.  I'm tempted to race again this Saturday, but probably won't.  I'll wait til the end of Sept. and run in the Nashville Games.  I'll be required to run all 3 sprints that day to qualify for next years state meet.

Photo: 60m into 200m race, I have inside lane.

200m race - on the turn

Well, another 2 KY State Championships and a two more golds for my collection.

Last 50m of the 200m race.

On a side note, I got to meet Avital Schurr, now at age 73, whose records I broke at this years Bluegrass Games that stood for 23 yrs. I apologized to him. I was surprised that he was a short stocky guy, even shorter than me.


  1. You didn't 'slice' the sleeves did you?

  2. No, but thinking about doing it after washing it. Material doesn't seem to fray much.

  3. At 73 Avital would have shrunk several inches. It was really good that you got a chance to meet him. Hope you guys had a good talk.