Sunday, September 28, 2014

Meet cancelled, 300s, just one more...

I was really pissed.   Drove 100 miles for nothing, postponed my trip to Sewanee to race in this meet, I really couldn't believe it... couldn't believe they didn't call me, as they did for others.

The track at the non-meet
There was another prison break at the Woodland Detention facility and one of the inmates was observed on the grounds near the track, so they cancelled the meet.

It was a nice track too.   Best I've seen since June.   I was just going to run the 400m.  Haven't run a 400m race fresh since June.  I had been training a bit and watching my weight for this last meet and was really pissed that it was called off.

So, instead, I went to the Sewanee track Sat. night and did a rigorous workout of 300s.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
600m warmup, stretches, drills 
6 x 300m - 44.5, 45, 45.5, 45.5, 48, 46 (300m walk in between)
I started the last one with my heart rate near 130, 164 at end.   It was a workout.

Last Meet?
Since I was counting on one last meet, I'm probably going to go to Athens, TN to race in their district meet on Wed. morning on the black HS track in McMinn Co.  I need to get permission but I can't imagine they'd deny me.   It's kind of crazy... 100 miles each way but what the hell.  I could spend my time in a worse way.

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