Thursday, September 4, 2014

400 / 300s

Feeling good, no muscular issues or strains after today's brief workout.   I did 3 long sprints tonight at 85-90% in training shoes.  It was warm and muggy, about 82º at 8:30 pm at the Dean Hayes track.

My former student Brad turned out to train with me.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
500m warmup, stretches, drills 
80m strider 
400m - 60.5 (29.5 / 31) 
2 x 300m - 44.5, 43.5
Sunday Meet 9/7 - KY State Games
Tonight felt ok.  I may be able to run the 200m on Sunday as well as the 400m but they have a really stupid schedule... unlike a 'real' track meet, this Senior Games meet has the 100, 200, and 400 in that order.   It is an FAT timed meet, so if I'm feeling good, I'd like to run a 400m fresh, not right after a 200m.   Maybe it would be cool to run the 200m because I'll have competition... Rohan S. is on the entry list, he beat me at SE Masters in '11 and has run a faster 200m than me this season, 24.91.   No biggie, I guess I could run the 200 first, no one is going to challenge me in the 400m, I rarely run a 200m fresh, usually an hour after a 400m.

Not exactly race weight, about 144 after workout, but I think in ok shape.  Been doing some hard workouts but just not so often.

As a gift from my dad, I bought a 'pro issue' speed suit.  It wasn't exactly the sleeveless one I wanted, but it fits.... but surprisingly tight on the upper body.   I tried it on my last 300m tonight... it feels good while running, but suffocating afterward because of it's snugness.  It's like a body condom.  It's a '14 Adidas Adizero Powerweb.  Nike and Adidas make pro issue speed suits not sold to the public.   They occasionally come up on ebay, usually sold in Europe, and rarely found in size S.   So, I jumped on this one.  Looks just like this one worn by Jamaica's Kemar Bailey Cole, who won the 100m in last weeks Diamond League race in Zurich:

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