Friday, August 22, 2014

warm track

The 'dog days' of summer ... here in Sewanee, not too bad, but humid and warm.  77º and humid at the track yesterday evening.

My back was killing me due to an exercise that I found I was doing wrong.   The glute-ham raise I was doing by starting with a bent waist, essentially starting the exercise with a back raise and using 20 lbs.  In this video, the guy demonstrates the correct way, he is not bending at the waist.  What I did was still a good workout but it left my back ridiculously sore.  It was Tuesday and I can still feel it this Friday morning.

On the track, I started with an up tempo mile, not as fast as I wanted to do, but really tiring in the high humidity.   Then I followed with some 300s at 80% effort and a 200m a little faster.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
stretches, drills 
1 mile - 6:50 
2 x 300m - 46.5, 47.5 
200m - 28
I would have done more but I wanted to save my ankle.  I think calf raises help my ankle and need to do them every workout.   Still refraining from putting the spikes on.  I brought 'em with me but decided to stay in trainers.

Today, bike up the hill and weights.

Still heavy, over 146 this morning but I'm back on a committed diet... but, yesterday after workout, I had a "junk food" dinner.  My version of junk food: grapes and almonds.  

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