Thursday, August 28, 2014

The $50,000 dive

Athletes train hard, sacrifice and sometimes, it comes down to a hundredth of a second or less on who wins or loses.   I've always said that in situations like that, no holds barred ... DIVE for the line.

In today's Zurich Diamond League Meet, not only were medals on the line, but the whole Diamond League Series purse which pays $40,000.    Coming into the meet in third place in the women's 1500m series, the only way for Jenny Simpson to win the Diamond League was to win the race and for her top 2 competitors Hassan and Aregawi, finish lower than 4th.

Well, she wanted it.

She dove at the line, beating her teammate by 0.01 in 3:59.92.  Not only did she win the $40,000 Diamond League Prize, but she netted an additional $10,000 for First Place.

The $50,000 dive:

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