Monday, August 25, 2014

Fall schedule

TN District meets and the KY State games are in the offing.   Here are the possibilities:

Sept. 7 - KY State Meet, Frankfort
Sept. 13 - Cumberland District, Crossville, TN
Sept. 27 - Nashville District

There is also a meet in Jackson on the 19th, but it's 2+ hrs away.   Crossville is 90 min.   So, I'll probably do just these 3 meets.  The Chattanooga district couldn't get it's shit together and cancelled until next yr.   I may do just 2 meets, but then I'd have to run all the sprints in the Nashville meet to qualify.   Surprisingly ... ALL the M55 sprint records in TN are pretty unattainable for me, unless I pulled a PR performance ... thanks to World Champion Jim Mathis, and the silly practice of judging hand and electronic time on an equal basis.  

The deal is that I have to run all the sprints to qualify for the TN State meet next year.  So, these TN meets, I'll be racing in the M55 age group... for the first time.

Looks like I'll be doing 12x more meets than Usain Bolt did this year.

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